The Friends

Founded in 1988, the Friends of St James' Church is an Association of local people and organisations who, whilst not all necessarily regular worshippers at the Church, appreciate the value of the Church in the centre of this busy town.ʉ۬The aims of the Association are to raise funds for the repair, restoration and maintenance of the Church, which is one of the finest examples of the architecture of John Loughborough Pearson. With its graceful proportions and tall spire, St James' has been called "The Cathedral of the Thames Valley", and the installation of floodlighting some years ago has made the spire a landmark by night and day.

Visit our website The Friends of St James.

The Friends now offer a guided tour of St James' see their website for details

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Scrabble Tea   September 15th Details

Desert Island Discs   November 23rd-details on the FOSJ website

Guided Tours of the Church  details on thr FOSJ website